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Today, many young people are facing mental health issues. Uncertainties in the ever-changing world have brought about more insecurities, anxieties and stress. We encourage our youth to enhance their overall welfare by paying more attention to their mental well-being and reaching out for help early.

We are a community-based mental health service for youth aged 12 to 25 and their parents or caregivers.

We provide the following services:

      • Free well-being assessments
      • Paid internships
      • Subsidised counselling services
      • Coaching & befriending
      • Parenting support
      • Art therapy

Well-being Assessment




Are you feeling down? Are you struggling to cope with stress? Are you concerned about your mental well-being? We can help. Contact us for a free and confidential well-being assessment conducted by our trained Youth Care staff.




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Operating hours:
1 pm – 6 pm (Monday – Friday)




Our Programs

Mental Health Literacy

  Mental health information for youth in terms of  mental health literacy and mindfulness programs. 

Enrichment Activities

Activities for youth to learn new knowledge and skills, discover talents and form social connections. 

Mindful Academic Coaching

A free one-to-one coaching to secondary school students to help them in their studies and to better manage themselves.


A structured program for students aged 15 and above provides life  skills,  mental-resilience development and self-discovery opportunities. 

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what our participants say

"I can now focus and concentrate on things better."
"My son now does breathing exercise to calm down when he is getting angry."

Mental Health Literacy

Our signature mental health program targeted at schools is called Lighthouse. We have partnered with Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Psychiatry Department) and Harvard Medical School.

Under this program, we promote early identification of mental health conditions, help-seeking behaviour, and youth mental health education. As part of our outreach, we conduct talks and workshops for schools and other organisations working with youth. A change in mindset, exemplified by stigma reduction and increased help-seeking among youth, is also needed.


Enrichment Activities

It is critical that youth form social connections, discover and harness their talents, and develop their social skills. We organise various activities, including movement and dance, art & craft, and design communications. 

Mindful Academic Coaching

In addition to academic coaching, this program seeks to help students with social, emotional and communication skills.

      • There are two runs from February to April/May and from July to September/October; at least 8 sessions per run
      • Each session is held weekly,  lasting for 1hr 15 mins
      • Sessions are held weekly  
      • Each session starts with a brief mindfulness practice (3-5 mins)
      • Our volunteer coaches are recent graduates or students from Institutes of Higher Learning (universities, polytechnics and junior colleges). We collaborate with partners to recruit them. Coaches are trained and supervised.


We offer a structured program for students aged 15 and above. This internship aims to develop employment skills of students  and raise their mental resilience.

Skills development: Each intern is attached to a team in Brahm Centre to support the team’s work. The interns learn work skills and attend workshops to develop soft skills.

Self-discovery: Interns attend group art therapy and other workshops to understand themselves better.

Coaching: Each intern is assigned a personal coach who provides them with guidance and emotional support. The coach also helps the intern explore their strengths, aspirations, and motivation to work towards their goals.

Mental resilience: A mindfulness course is compulsory.  The intern  develops resilience and reflects on their work experience to gain valuable insights.

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