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Omega Program for Migrant Domestic Workers

As primary caregivers in the community, Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are critical in supporting our fast-ageing population as it grows older. Employers, too, need to nurture healthy and stable relationships with their MDWs and improve the way they manage the MDWs.

To that end, Brahm Centre has introduced a caregiver program called Omega, aimed at empowering MDWs in Singapore. Omega enhances their value to their employers and their overall welfare through the upgrade of skills of MDWs. In this way, the MDWs are better able to assimilate into Singaporean culture and to build a stronger support network.

This initiative will initially be focused on Burmese- and Indian-speaking MDWs before being extended to other groups of MDWs.

The program comprises classes and workshops, including:

  • Conversational English classes
  • Conversational Mandarin classes
  • Caregiving
  • Personal grooming
  • Social gatherings
  • Befriending activities
  • Digital learning

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