Chew On It! a Brahm Centre Podcast

Chew On It is a podcast by Brahm Centre, discussing mental health topics/issues faced among youths today in Singapore. Join hosts Adj. A/Prof Angie and Ding Xuan as they take on sensitive topics/issues head-on and share their stories/experiences.


Is hustle culture actually bad for you? Why are we addicted to hustle culture? Is it a lack of confidence that gives us that guilt trip.

Today, we get to know Singapore’s biggest mental health personality, CEO and Founder of Brahm Centre – Adj. A/Prof Angie Chew! In this special episode, she opens up about her past struggles, being awarded The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2019, and why we may be experiencing an “anxiety pandemic”?!

They call us the “strawberry generation” … but what do they know about what we go through? And are we really less resilient?? How do we build resilience with so much BS going on around us?

Are spas, candles, crystals all a big SCAM?! How can we really, truly, madly, deeply be calm & zen?

We’re BACK! This week, we talk about SOCIAL MEDIA … and man it’s gonna be exciting! We’re all on social media (even though we know we’re addicted to it) – then what’s the difference between this & DRUGS?! Is there a WAY to not get caught up with LIKES or FOLLOWERS? Plus, we talk more about the Dee Kosh scandal now that he’s pleaded guilty.

Is anxiety a rich person’s disease? Can we ever get RID of anxiety? Are drugs the way to go? Plus, stress may NOT actually harm your body?! We chat all that and more in this latest episode of Chew On It! 

This week, it’s a steamy ep (warning!) … we talk about what we youths need to know about sex, sexual assault and cyber sex. Parental guidance is advised!

Am I just going through a phase of sadness or is it DEPRESSION?? This week, we talk about how to spot the signs, help a friend, and bring up the topic of suicide.

Do you think discrimination happens in SG? Racism, gender biases, and workplace stories … how will these affect us down the road? 

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