saturday forums@novena

Palliative Care – Dying to Live

Jul 21 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Optimizing Care for Seniors

Aug 11 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Joints, Pain and Posture

Jul 28 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss

Aug 18 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Effects of Poor Sleep and Sleep Loss

Aug 4 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Knee Pain: Prevention and Treatments

Aug 25 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

saturday forums@simei

Nutritional Value of Food and Beverages: Fruits

Jul 21 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Detecting and Treating Mental Illnesses

Aug 11 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Advance Care Planning

Jul 28 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

When and How to Prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney

Aug 18 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Effects of Menopause

Aug 4 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Depression in the Elderly

Aug 25 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Dance Therapy 
FREE Trial

Novena: Jul 27 (Fri)
Novena: Aug 3 (Fri) 

Mindfulness @ Botanic Gardens

Jul 29 (Sun)

activity clubs

art club

Art Course
Water Colour-Level 1

Simei: Aug 1-Oct 24 (Wed)

Art Course

Novena: Aug 15 – Nov 7 (Wed)

Art Course
Water Colour-Level 2

Novena: Aug 6-Oct 22 (Mon)

Happy Potluck Club (FREE)

Simei: Thursdays
(Exercise, Play RummyO & Mahjong!)


Happy Potluck Club (FREE)

Novena: Thursdays
Exercise, sing and make new friends)


Simei: Tour to Singapore Garden Festival

Jul 23 (Mon) 9am-1pm
(Free for Seniors 50yrs and above)

special activities

Smartphone Workshop for Seniors
(2 sessions) 

Simei: Jul 21 & 28 (Sat)

Simei: Basic Smartphone Photo-Editing
(using Snapseed)

Aug 4 (Sat)

Simei: Crochet Art
FREE Trial

Aug 28 (Tue)