saturday forums@novena

Caring for Your Eyes

Mar 24 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Letting Go of the Past

Apr 14 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Benefits and Risks of Vaccinations

Mar 31 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Planning for a Long Life: The Science of Longevity

Apr 21 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Detecting and Treating Mental Illnesses

Apr 7 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Preparing a Will & Lasting Power of Attorney

Apr 28 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

saturday forums@simei

Treating Sleep Disorders

Mar 24 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Mental Conditions that can Impair Our Judgement

Apr 14 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Treating Skin Problems

Mar 31 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Mandarin Talk:
(Ageing Gracefully)

Apr 21 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Joint Pains and Gout

Apr 7 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Cancer – High Impact Disease. Is it Curable? 

Apr 28 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm



Therapeutic Yoga

Novena: Apr 7-May 26 (Sat)

Yin Yoga @ MacPherson

Apr 3 – Jun 23

activity clubs

art club

Art Course
Water Colour-Level 1

Novena: Apr 9 (Mon) – FULL

Art Course
Colour Pencil-Level 2

Simei: Apr 13 (Fri)

Art Course
Water Colour-Level 2

Novena: Apr 9 (Mon)
Simei: Apr 4 (Wed)

Art Course

Simei: Jun 11 (Mon)

Potluck Club

Simei: Thursdays

music and social

Music & Social Club

Novena: Thursdays

Mindfulness Club

Novena: Wednesdays

mindful movement

Mindful Movement @ Botanic Gardens

Please check back for future dates. 


Depart Novena: Fire Station Heritage Gallery
Apr 26 (Thu)

Depart Simei: Fire Station Heritage Gallery
Apr 26 (Thu)

special activities

Simei: Baking Demo Class – Yummy Chocolate Brownies
Apr 28 (Sat)

Simei: Functional Screening
May 12 (Sat)