saturday forums @MacPherson

Understanding and Managing Dementia

Jun 29 (Sat), 10:30am-12pm

Symptoms and Treatment of Gout

Jul 20 (Sat), 10:30am-12pm

Advance Care Planning Workshop

Jul 6 (Sat), 10:30am-12pm

Depression & Dementia Screening 忧郁症与失智症检查

Jul 27 (Sat), 9:30am-12:30pm

What It Means to Love Myself 

Jul 13 (Sat), 10:30am-12pm

saturday forums @Simei

Ways of Managing Pain

Jun 29 (Sat), 3pm-4.30pm

Meaning of Healing and Holistic Care

Jul 20 (Sat), 3pm-4.30pm

Advance Care Planning Preparation

Jul 6 (Sat), 2.30pm-5.30pm

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Jul 27 (Sat), 3pm-4.30pm

Training the Monkey Mind

Jul 13 (Sat), 3pm-4.30pm


Therapeutic Yoga (classes beginning in Jul/Aug)

Simei: Jul 30 – Sep 17 (Tue)
Simei: Aug 7 – Sep 25 (Wed)


activity clubs

Simei: Coloured Pencil Drawing Course

Simei: Aug 21 – Oct 23 (Wed)

Watercolour Painting Course – Beginners

MacPherson: Aug 19 – Oct 21 (Mon)

Novena: Pastel Art Course

Novena: Aug 30 – Oct 18 (Fri)

Happy Potluck Club (FREE)

MacPherson: Tuesdays
(Exercise, and bring a dish to share)


Music Song and Dance Potluck Club (FREE)

MacPherson: Thursdays
(Sing, dance and have fun!)


Happy Potluck Club (FREE)

Simei: Thursdays
(Exercise, Play RummyO & Mahjong!)



Farm Excursion 菜园游览 – Aug 29(Thur)

MacPherson: Aug 29 (Thu)
Simei: Aug 29 (Thu)

special activities

MacPherson: Smartphone Photography Course

Aug 31, Sep 7, Sep 14 (Sat)


make an enquiry

MacPherson: 6741 1131
Novena: 6258 0831
Simei: 6786 0800