saturday forums@novena

Joint Pains and Gout

Jun 2 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

How to Help Persons with Dementia be Meaningfully Engaged

Jun 23 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Knowing the Nutritional Value of Food and Beverages

Jun 9 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

Autoimmune Diseases

Jun 16 (Sat), 4pm-5.30pm

saturday forums@simei

Dying to Live

June 2 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Different Parenting Styles for Different Times

June 23 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Common Skin Problems in Seniors

June 9 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm

Integrated Physical and Cognitive Exercise Program – Staying Physically & Mentally Healthy

June 16 (Sat), 2pm-3:30pm


Yin Yoga @ MacPherson

Jul 3- Sept 4 (Tue)

Simei: Integrated Exercise Program (IEP) FREE Trial

Jun 22 (Fri) 10-11am
Jun 29 (Fri) 10-11am

activity clubs

art club

Art Course
Water Colour-Level 1

Please check back for new class dates

Art Course
Paper Art

Novena: Jun 1-Aug 24 (Fri)

Art Course
Water Colour-Level 2

Novena: Aug 6-Oct 22 (Mon)

Art Course

Please check back for new class dates

Happy Potluck Club (FREE)

Simei: Thursdays
(Exercise, Play RummyO & Mahjong!)


music and social

Happy Potluck Club (FREE)

Novena: Thursdays
Exercise, sing and make new friends)


Simei: Tour to Singapore Garden Festival

Jul 23 (Mon) 9am-1pm
(Free for Seniors 50yrs and above)

special activities

Novena: Dementia & Depression Screening

May 26 (Sat)

Simei: Travel Photography Workshop (using Smartphone)

Jun 2 (Sat) 10am-11:30am

Novena: Simplified CPR & AED Hands-On Workshop

Jun 30 (Sat)
2pm-3pm OR