guided meditation audio tracks

Bring the practice of mindfulness into your daily life with these guided meditation recordings, ranging from 10 to 45 minutes, featuring the soothing voice of A/Prof Angie Chew, mindfulness principal of Brahm Centre. The sitting practices can be used almost anywhere while the lying down practices can be done wherever you can find a comfortable flat surface (e.g. a yoga mat/bed). If you have trouble with insomnia, you may want to use these recordings at bedtime.

Initially, you might feel discouraged if you cannot focus and have the urge to give up.  Remember that even 5 minutes of mindfulness practice is better than none. If you need to stop, that’s fine. Persevere and return to the recordings. Dedicate some time each day to give yourself the gift of being more aware and enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation!

Body Scan Practice (Seated)

10 mins

10 mins

30 mins


Body Scan Practice (Lying Down)

10 mins

30 mins


45 mins


Mindful Stretching for MBSR

30 mins (Standing)


45 mins (Lying Down)


Compassionate Breathing

3-Step Compassionate Breathing Space



Stretch & Recharge


30-min Breath Awareness


12-min Mindfulness of Breathing


11-min Loving-Kindness