Mindfulness for Teens and Parents



Brahm Centre is happy to offer the .b mindfulness course specially tailored for youth aged between 12-16 years old.

.b stands for “Stop, Breathe and Be!” This simple act of mindfulness serves to raise the awareness of youths where they learn how to direct their attention to their experience as it is unfolding, moment-by-moment, with open-minded curiosity and acceptance.

The .b mindfulness course is a nine session course, introduced to youths aged between 11-18 years old, that brings mindfulness to life in a way that is fun, engaging and useful in their daily lives. Specially designed by experienced classroom teachers and mindfulness practitioners in the UK, .b mindfulness is the flagship course of the Mindfulness in Schools Project (www.mindfulnessinschools.org). Since its inception in 2007, the course has been taught in over 12 countries, and has been evaluated positively by the University of Cambridge and Oxford Brookes.

“The transition from childhood to adolescence is often a challenging process and cultivating mental resilience is key to promoting social and emotional well being. Introducing the .b mindfulness course to youths at an early age will empower them to cope with challenges that they face in their daily lives,”

- Eric Lim, Mindfulness Psychologist, Brahm Centre



The .b mindfulness course aims to give both youths and parents a taste of mindfulness. For many who have attended the course in UK, they feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; they can concentrate better; they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety. Benefits of practicing mindfulness include improvement in mental health and well being.

Mindfulness been shown to be capable of contributing directly to the development of cognitive and performance skills in the young.




Who is it for?

The course is open to youth aged between 12-16 years old and their parents.

How much does it cost for 6 sessions?

1 Parent + 1 Child : $320
1 Parent + 2 Children/2 Parents + 1 Child : $420
2 Parents + 2 Chidren : $480

Who are teaching the course?

The course is conducted by experienced and certified mindfulness trainers.

Ms Angie Chew has been practising mindfulness since 2001. She is a certified mindfulness trainer for students and also conducts courses and retreats for adults. She founded Brahm Centre with the aim to promote happy and healthy living and she is currently the executive director of the centre. She is a certified .b and paws b teacher from the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Mr Eric Lim is a mindfulness psychologist at Brahm Centre and he spearheads the development of the youth programmes, aimed at promoting mental well-being and empowering youths with life skills such as mindfulness to be more connected with their inner and outer experiences. He has since conducted youth camps, workshops and the .b mindfulness courses to reach out to youths to build their mental resilience. He holds a B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.) degree in psychology from the National University of Singapore. He is a certified .b and paws b teacher from the Mindfulness in Schools Project.


Mindfulness Program Course for Youth Teens and Parents