mindful compassion course

Why Compassion?

When we lack compassion for ourselves or others, we can be easily provoked and experience feelings of anger, anxiety and resentment.

Applying compassion opens our heart and mind to see the world with gratitude, abundance and joyfulness. We can transform our blaming and critical mind to an appreciative and forgiving mind.

Compassion helps to heal the pain from past unpleasant experiences and builds our mental resilience to face the future with more equanimity and optimism. This reduces anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and other depressive symptoms.

Applying compassion not just to oneself but others as well (holistic compassion) will enable us to be more effective in forming and maintaining good relationships with ourself and others.


  • Less anger and resentment
  • More forgiving, less critical and blaming towards oneself and others
  • A more relaxed and optimistic mind
  • Reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Better quality sleep


  • Lesson 1: Mindfulness & Compassion
  • Lesson 2: Compassionate Care for the Body and Mind
  • Lesson 3: Turning Towards Our Difficult Emotions
  • Lesson 4: Developing Mindful Relationships
  • Lesson 5: Communicating With Compassion
  • Lesson 6: Forgiveness and Letting Go
  • Lesson 7: Making Better Choices
  • Lesson 8: Embodying Mindfulness Attitudes
Approach: There will be presentations, discourses, mindfulness practices, journaling and group discussions. Attending every class is strongly encouraged as each class builds on the previous.

Schedule: Eight weekly sessions plus a half-day retreat (All sessions and retreat must be attended to receive a completion certificate))