5-day mindfulness retreat

Target audience:

People who wish to strengthen their mindfulness practice with deeper understanding of the role our senses play in connecting deeper to ourselves and the world around us

Prior experience with mindfulness meditation is recommended but not required

Duration: 5 days


You will enhance your awareness of how your senses are provoked and better understand how to manage the stress triggers in your life.

While real threats do affect us, the added stress can come from our imagined threats. Awareness will help you to identify stress triggers so you can apply appropriate antidotes to quieten the mind. You will learn how you do have choices in how you respond to each situation as it occurs. Choose to no longer be passively driven by your habitual patterns, and awaken to changes you can make to adjust these behaviours. Let these conscious choices help you regain control to bring you the well-being you want and help you change the course of your life for the better.

Instead of seeing how the world is treating you, you will learn to see how you are treating the world. By awakening your senses to how you impact the world, you will see if you’re adding goodness to it or taking goodness away from it. You will eradicate your insensitivity and destructive habits to cultivate sensitivity towards others and build constructive habits.

A mind that is calm and clear is a more resilient mind – able to bounce back with greater speed and ease when a crisis arises.


• Enhanced self-awareness

• Calmness of mind

• Heightened resilience

What will you learn?

You will learn how to accept and embrace the full range of emotions and experiences that life brings, may it be joyful, pleasurable, unpleasant or even painful – like worry, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, sadness and even despair.

Tuning in to these emotions and associated physical sensations with care and compassion, instead of holding onto or outright rejecting them, can bring about surprising and healing outcomes in your life.

What is included?

• Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices (choice of sitting on a chair or cushion)

• Sessions of contemplation and teachings

• Group dialogue and discussions

Course fee:

For the next retreat dates and latest pricing, please visit our events page.

NSA subsidy eligibility: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 50 years and above (in year of conducted course)

SkillsFuture Credit may be applied to the course fee portion of the retreat package.

Accomodation and meals:

There is a separate charge that is not claimable from SkillsFuture.