Ms Lily Gan

Lily Gan is a senior Mindfulness Trainer in Brahm Centre since 2018. She has been a mindfulness practitioner from 2015 and has been teaching the Mindfulness Foundation Course in both English and Chinese languages. In Mar 2022, she completed her 1 year teacher training on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT-L) at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, UK.

Lily is also a senior counsellor at Brahm Centre, having graduated with a Masters of Social Science (Counselling & Psychotherapy) from Edith Cowen University, Australia in 2011. She applies mindfulness as an essential modality in her counselling sessions. She has many years of experience counselling clients, especially those experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms.

颜莉莉老师从2015 年开始修习正念, 自2018 年起担任百仁中心正念导师, 教导正念基础课程。2022 年 3 月,她结业于英国牛津正念中心为期 1 年的正念认知疗法 (MBCT-L) 教师培训。颜老師谙熟双语, 能以英语和华语教授正念课程。她教导的正念课程已成功的培训了多名学员开始了他们的正念之旅。

颜老師也是百仁中心的资深心理辅导师,她于 2011 年毕业于澳大利亚伊迪斯科文大学 (辅导与心理治疗) 硕士学位。她在拥有丰富的咨询经验,以正念为根基来辅导个案,特别是有焦虑和抑郁症状的来访者。