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Frank Singam Wins AWWA’s Model Pioneer Caregiver Merit Award

25 March 2017

1 of 2 Frank Singam (far left) and other winners of the Model Pioneer Caregiver Award with Guest-of-Honour Dr Amy Khor (4th from right), Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health.
2 of 5 Brahm centre’s novena branch entrance
2 of 2 Frank, with his fully-recovered wife, Malar, at the AWWA Caregiver Awards Ceremony.

We are proud that Frank Singam, Brahm Centre’s counsellor, was awarded the Model Pioneer Caregiver Merit Award organised by AWWA on 25 March 2017.

For a long time since marriage, Frank took on the responsibility of looking after his mother and sister. Since birth, his sister suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Frank’s caregiving duties became even more taxing from 2011, when his wife had a major accident and was paralysed from the waist down. At about the same time, his mother started to experience dementia, and his sister’s medical condition worsened. Frank was challenged to help his paraplegic wife recover, while simultaneously caring for his aging mother and his increasingly unwell sister.

The AWWA Caregiver Award was given to Frank in recognition of his courageous and undying efforts in caregiving over the years.

Oh yes, did we mention that his unwavering love and care finally saw to the full recovery of his wife, Malar? We’re proud to share that Malar, who is now well and fully mobile, counts herself as one of our Befriending volunteers, and has also given a talk at Brahm Centre to share about the amazing feat of her recovering journey.