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Eric Lim, Mindfulness Psychologist at Brahm Centre, wins the AWWA Young Model Caregiver Merit Award

25 March 2017

1 of 2 Eric (middle) and his mother (right) at the AWWA Caregiver Awards Ceremony.
2 of 5 Brahm centre’s novena branch entrance
2 of 2 Eric, at home with his mother and father.

Through his unwavering dedication to caring for his father and his work in supporting caregivers, Brahm Centre’s Mindfulness Psychologist, Eric Lim, was recently awarded the Young Model Caregiver (Merit) Award, organised by AWWA.

Eric’s shares with UFM 100.3 about his experience being a young caregiver, and how the practice of mindfulness has helped him in his caregiving journey.

Since 2013, at age 24 and in his final year of University, Eric started playing the role of main caregiver to his father, who was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Eric shares that the challenging experience of being a young caregiver has played an integral role in shaping his career path at Brahm Centre, which promotes happier and healthier living. He has been using his personal experience and the practice of mindfulness to support other caregivers emotionally by teaching them how to build mental resilience and cultivate self-care.

To Eric: “Caregiving is not a job. It is a role that all of us will have to take up at some point in time, because they (the care recipients) are our loved ones and we need to take care of them.”

Listen to Eric’s interview with 938 Live (March 28, 2017) on how Mindfulness helps him be a better Caregiver.