Mindfulness Course Testimonials

“This course is very enlightening. Glad to have had the opportunity to learn this before it is too late.”

“This course has empowered me to be a better person.”

“This is truly a wonderful course, set at a good pace, and has a good amount of content and a great facilitator.”

“Mindfulness is a great way for us to live peacefully and be happy”.

“Embarking on a mindfulness journey makes me a happier person.”

“This is great course which can transform the way you see the world.”

“Mindfulness brings out the better person in me.”

Mindfulness for Health (Foundation Course)

Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Mar 2017

“This class definitely helps you to look at life from a different perspective.”

“The course has helped me a great deal in controlling my anxiety attacks.”

“The course has helped me understand what happiness means and how to get there.”

“Mindfulness was put across in an easy-to-understand very do-able way in this course.”

Mindfulness Foundation Course

Mar 2017

“I am now more aware of my mind and body.”

“Make mindfulness a way of life and you will see the change in youself.”

“Showing up for this course has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.”

“I have learnt to change my attitude and to accept and let go.”

“To live life fully, you must know about mindfulness; it is one of the secrets to successful living.”

MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

3 Feb 2017 - 24 Mar 2017




“静观能使我放松、 安静 、稳定情绪。”





Chinese Mindfulness Foundation Course

Jan, Feb, Mar 2017

“I feel that I’ve become more tolerant to adverse situations.”

“I am now less negative than before.”

“My ability to focus has improved.”

“I can now focus and concentrate on things better.”

“I can now resist the urge to retaliate.”

“This course is very fun and you will learn a lot of helpful methods to relax.”

“This course has helped me feel less anxious during stressful situations.”

Mindfulness for Teens

Jan - Mar 2017

“This course has brought clarity to the challenges on our parenting journey; it has helped us re-focus on what is truly important to us as parents.”

“This course was enlightening and enjoyable.”

Mindful Parenting

Jan - Feb 2017

“There is something missing in our life; mindfulness training fills the gap.”

“I am better able to handle difficult situations; am calmer and more relaxed when facing challenges.”

“The techniques taught were very useful and easy to follow.”

“I have applied mindfulness in various aspects of my life at work and at home. I am now calmer and more at peace with myself.”

“I am living life for a change. My life is a lot better, without perception and expectations.”

“This is a must-attend course, especially for those with relationship challenges.”

“The daily practice has helped me to be more forgiving and less irritated.”

“This course is a must-do for happier living.”

MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

Jan - Feb 2017

“I learnt how to control my emotions better and feel much calmer and relaxed.”

“This course is a good starting point to better your life quality.”

“Learning the 5 fundamental values in the course has helped me to develop a more positive outlook in life.”

“I feel more positive, grateful, calm, patient and happy after the course.”

Mindfulness Foundation Course

Jan 2017

“This is an excellent course that has taught me to look at the brighter aspect of life.”

“This (course) is a great way of learning how to be a better person and how to serve others better.”

“This course has been helpful in improving focus and concentration, and for getting a good night’s sleep. ”

“This course has helped me be more kind and patient to my colleagues and co-workers.”

“I learnt to be calmer and not be overly anxious.”

“I learnt to be present and caring towards myself and others.”

“I have learnt how to live in the present moment. This has given me more pleasure to enjoy my work and that also makes my life more meaningful to live for.”

“I have learnt how to be calm on demand.”

Mindfulness for Enhanced Performance

Singhealth Polyclinics, Jan 2017

“I learnt to know myself better and was more forgiving of myself.”

“I am more relaxed, and don’t get angry so easily.”

“I applied mindfulness during my daily drives, and now I get less frustrated while driving.”

“I have learnt to be more kind to myself.”

Mindfulness Foundation Course

Dec 2016

“I’ve become more patient with myself, and kinder in my self- talk.”

“I have gained a better understanding of myself. The journey to self-discovery starts here.”

“I’ve learnt to appreciate myself, worry less and enjoy every moment.”

“I appreciate the non-judgmental and safe space created for participants to share.”

“Should have known about this course earlier! Luckily, it is never too late to learn. It is a must for all!”

MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

“A good course where you will be recharged, revitalised and relieved.”

“Greatly beneficial. Great way to relook and revamp life.”

“This course works for both work and personal life. It’s a must-go!”

“Useful for people who want to learn how to manage stress.”

Mindfulness @ Work Course

Nov 2016

“Mindfulness has become my new way of life. Kwok Ying was a wonderful trainer.”

“Mindfulness practice has changed my perspective of the world I live in.
Kwok Ying was a fantastic trainer! Thank you!”

“I can sleep better at night and I have a more positive mindset!”

“Mindfulness works - the breathing and body scan exercises helped me remove anxiety and fearfulness.”

“Mindfulness has helped me feel more calm and be more forgiving.”

“This is a ‘must attend’ course for all; it will help you build more meaningful relationships”

“The trainer Angie is able to incorporate humour and make the course very enjoyable.”

“I learnt how to control my moods in a positive manner “

Mindfulness Foundation Courses

Nov 2016

“Mindfulness teaches you to learn more about yourself for a better life!”

“I have better awareness of self-compassion and am able to extend it to others.” 

“Mindfulness helps me be more aware of myself, learn to love myself more and have gratitude towards my family and wife.
I am more patient, calmer and much happier.” 

Mindfulness Intermediate Course

Nov 2016

“I now have greater awareness of my triggers and how my behaviour affects my child.”

“Both my daughters are now much happier and able to recover faster when they throw a tantrum. This would be a course that all parents should attend with their kids to achieve a much happier family and be kinder to each other.”

“I can now interact with my children using more positive and mindful speech.”

“My son enjoyed the course, which in itself is very positive.”

“My son now does breathing exercises to calm down when he is getting angry.”

“This course is practical, thought provoking and has helped me apply what I’ve learnt effectively on my children. Many thanks to trainer Angie who has made it an enjoyable process.”
Mindfulness Course for Parents and Children

Nov 2016

“I realised that being present and mindful can bring much joy and peace to my mind and body.”

“Don’t rush through life in this busy world. Take time to attend to your self-care.”

“A fantastic course! Life changing in many ways - on a small and large scale!”

“Very good program - keep it up! It is as good as it can get.”

“I strongly encourage people… who are drained by stress to explore this course. Give it a try and feel the difference!” 

“MBSR provides many tools for busy individuals to live more mindfully; it helps to relieve the stress and tensions of everyday life.”

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

Sept - Nov 2016

“I have learnt more about myself, peeling off the layers of self-doubt and judgements. Practising mindfulness allows me to be in the present moment where I have experienced inner peace and calmness.”

“I have learnt a lot about myself, my patterns and limiting beliefs. I have improved my self-awareness, listening skills and relationship with people due to mindfulness practice. Mindfulness helps to live life in the present and release our self-limitations and improve for good!”

“Having attended previous mindfulness courses, the MBSR course was an intense consolidation of the methods and knowledge. Most of all, I learnt to accept criticism and also learn to accept my resistance to critcism. By not forcing myself to let go, I learnt to let go.”

I learnt to be less judgemental, kinder to myself and others. From the course, I got to know many people who are very open in sharing and I got to learnt from them and the trainers. This MBSR course teaches you things you never thought were possible about yourself!”

“The course has taught me to relax and discover things that I did not even know I could do. I learnt the power of self-care.”

“MBSR is a powerful course for everybody and anybody from all walks of life towards a mindful living!”

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

Aug - Sept 2016

“Being mindful is the stepping stone in life.”

“Mindfulness is important for our mental and emotional well-being. We learnt to be less anxious and less impatient as we learnt to stop, breathe, and recompose. ”

“This is a life-changing course. Everyone should attend and it will change our entire society.”

“I learnt to be aware of my own breathing, something that I used to take for granted. This course is highly recommended!”

“I have learnt to be kinder to myself and others through loving-kindness mindfulness practice. Learning about ‘contentment’ helps me to remind myself how I can be contented with who I am and thus be more accepting of myself and others.”

Mindfulness Course

Sept 2016

“My confidence has increased. I have become friendlier.”

“I now have a better idea of what I want in life.”

“I am calmer and more clear-minded.”

“Mindfulness has taught me how to love myself again.”

“Must sign up. Find your blind spots and understand your problems.”

“The course will help you relax and be kind to your body.”

 “Amazing and inspirational.”

“This is a lifelong skill to have.”

“It teaches you to be a more positive person.”

“Mindfulness has helped me with my anxiety.”

Mindfulness Course

Aug 2016

“The mindfulness course is good for one’s well-being, it will make you look at life from a different angle! You will be happier! .”

“I have become more attentive to myself. I found it easier to manage stress and gained more awareness of my own feelings and that of others. You must be aware that if you want to improve something, you must practice diligently to reap the benefits.”

“I became more joyful. I started to be more optimistic and less negative. Best life-changing course that you must go!”

I am able to better manage my emotions and thoughts. I learned to let go of negative emotions and thoughts. You must join the course! You will not regret it! :)”

“I noticed that I am more focused. This mindfulness course will benefit you for life!”

“I am more aware of my own feelings and surroundings after the course. Come and experience the course for yourself to know yourself better.”

“Thank you for having this course to the public. I noticed that I am more calm when things do not go my way. This course is life-changing and I will definitely recommend it to people around me!”

Mindfulness Course

July 2016

“It changed my perspective on how things are, and I find myself less reactive to situations and more accepting of them.”

“I have better control in moments of anger and mindfulness in speech and eating.”

“I have learned to be calm, present and not have preconceived notions about other people and external situations.”

“It helps me to have more peace, and I am a happier person now.”

“It has taught me about acceptance, kindness and staying calm.”

“I have been able to build better relationships with others through mere mindful listening.”

“I have been better able to deal with stressful and unexpected situations, and have fewer mood swings.”

“I am able to stay focused and make meaning of my life’s purpose.”

“I am able to manage anxiety much better and am more sensitive to what others and I feel.”

Mindfulness Course

June 2016

“Go for it if you don’t know how else to deal with trauma in your lives.”

This will help you to be more focused, productive and effective in work, and at home.”

“Thank you for reminding us to be good to ourselves, and also listening attentively to our sharing.”

“Worth a shot! Many useful practices and brought about a change in my thinking.”

“It’s a good course, to help improve quality of life.”

“Go with an open mind, share openly to reap the full benefits of the course.”

“Attend the course with an open mind and apply the techniques daily.”

“Participants undergo a transformative change, allowing them to lead better lives.”

“Mindfulness has helped me sleep better, and taught me to appreciate the present and give rest to the mind.”

“Mindfulness has made me more aware of my emotions.”

“Mindfulness has taught me to meditate and be more aware of the present moment.”

Mindfulness Course

May 2016

“The mindfulness course has helped me to be more aware of my thoughts and emotions. The practice meditations helped facilitate this awareness.”

“I am better at keeping my cool under pressure. I have also learned to accept things as they are and be more appreciative.”

“The mindfulness course definitely helped a lot! I allowed myself to be non-judgmental with my thoughts, knowing that they are simply just that: thoughts.”

“I’ve tried to put into practice what I’ve learned and found that I was less prone to irritation by things outside of my control.”

“I’ve become more cheerful and positive, and more aware of the times stress enters my life.”

“The course was effective in introducing mindfulness concepts and attitudes in a way that was palatable for the general public. The lessons were conducted in an engaging and applicable manner.”

“The course is great as an introduction to mindfulness, and the exercises are easy to follow. You have to understand and experience it for yourself. Reading about mindfulness may seem easy and straightforward but it isn’t.”

“Our lives are incredibly stressed, and it is time to take the first step towards enhancing our own wellbeing with mindfulness!”

“It will benefit individuals who have any long-standing things that they have been worrying about.”

“It’s useful to learn techniques that enable us to cope better in today’s environment.”

“The mindfulness course helps to put certain things in life in perspective, and has also helped me to become more aware of my thoughts whenever they run wild.”

“The mindfulness course made me calmer and less reactive especially when dealing with difficult colleagues.”

“The mindfulness course teaches me to bring my mind back to the present moment. I have learned to be more accepting and less judgmental in understanding why it’s useless worrying about things that might not even exist.”

Mindfulness Course

April 2016

“After taking the mindfulness course, I recognize the importance of being aware of the present and make the effort to be more mindful nowadays.”

“After taking the course, I am more aware of my mind drifting. My anxiety stems from ruminating over negative thoughts and the course has given me tools to remind myself to find alternatives when I cannot control certain problems or people.”

“I became more aware of my thoughts and was able to better handle stressful situations.”

“After taking the course, I have become calmer, am able to appreciate the world outside, have increased empathy and worry less. I also make a conscious effort to be kind to others.”

“I realized the importance of keeping the mind healthy by doing different exercises regularly. I spend less time on my phone and try to do the body scan or breathing exercise.”

“I have better control over my temper and responses to events.”

“I am more aware of what’s going on in me as well as around me.”

“I am more at peace.”

“I have gained an awareness of and control on emotions, and maintained a positive attitude in everything I do.”

“I am calmer, more at peace and more mindful of my speech, actions and thoughts.”

“The course helps me to focus on the present and my surroundings.”

“I’m calmer and kinder to others and to myself, and am able to bring my focus back to the present when I realize I am drifting off.”

“Have an open mind. Mindfulness is useful for everyone even if they think they do not need it. It is truly beneficial.”

“Consider this course if you need some peace and calm in your life.”

“It is a very good course for beginners to pick up mindfulness and meditation.”

“I feel empowered with new skills to take care of my mental health.”

Mindfulness Course

March 2016

“I feel more relaxed, calm and in better control of my thoughts and emotions, knowing that I am in control of my mind.”

“I am able to have better control over my impatience and temper. I try to be mindful whenever they get the better of me, and I notice the slight improvements. I believe that with more frequent and deeper practices, there will be improvements. I am certainly looking forward to that time.”

“It has helped me reduce the mental chatter going on internally, and I am more able to accept thoughts as passing ones, and not dwell on them.”

“After taking the mindfulness course, I am less anxious about the future and my mind wanders less as well. I use deep breath meditation techniques to bring my mind back into the present moment.”

“The course brought peace back into my life.”

“Mindfulness has made me more aware of my own emotions, and taught me how to better control them. I think the ‘mindful speaking’ concept was the biggest takeaway; where I learnt to recite the 3 key phrases before deciding on whom, what and where to speak.”

“After taking the mindfulness course, I am more aware of negative thought patterns. The advice regarding mindfulness techniques was very useful in helping me to get started. I have also learned to accept that I can’t change everyone or everything.”

“The course lets us focus more on the ‘positive/ controllable / can-have’, rather than the ‘negative / uncontrollable /can’t-have’. We’re able to be mindful of the unpleasant things that we are doing or feeling, get rid of them, or at least reduce as little as possible.”

“The mindfulness course will benefit your overall well-being, and make you a happier person.”

“The course teaches us how to train our mind to be in the present. Through doing so, we will be more aware of our surroundings and help ourselves to concentrate.”

“The instructor does a great job in sharing her knowledge and engaging the participants in the class. I enjoyed the course very much. She delivers the lessons very well, in a way that is fun and easy to remember.”

Mindfulness Course

January 2016

“Try it! Parents and kids learnt to pause and be. Slow down and enjoy the present moment!”

“A must-do for every parents! It has helped me to slow down and be calm. I noticed that my child is less rebellious and show more of his appreciation for people around him.”

“Highly recommended! My kids enjoyed and always look forward to the class. I hope they remember and use the techniques one day if need be.”

“Give it a shot, be open-minded! I learnt to be more calm, gain more control of my emotions and able to stay focus.”

Paws B Mindfulness Course For Children and Parents

March-May 2016, Parents

Individual Testimonials

“A few years ago,  I discovered that meditation could help clear my migraine attacks - 30 minutes for a mild attack but 45 minutes to an hour for a severe attack. This works about 98% of the time.  At times I could feel the pain gradually dissipate while I was meditating!

Meditation can help relieve the discomfort of a bloated stomach.

It releases tension from the body. Meditation also lifts my mood when I feel down and out.”

Koh L. K.

“I had been a mental wreck, suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder when my mother registered me for the mindfulness course at Brahm Centre. At first I was really skeptical about what mindfulness was, but the effects were undeniable. The exercises helped relax my body and calm my mind at a time when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Now, I use mindfulness in my daily life and it’s been so helpful especially in interactions with my parents. After finishing the mindfulness course, I was looking to do something meaningful and decided to become a full-time volunteer at Brahm Centre.

At Brahm Centre, compassion seems to be the universal language spoken; everyone was so welcoming in making me feel like a part of the family. On my first day, I accompanied Angie to the nursing home and met long-time resident Madam Lim, age 70, a stroke patient who told us how she had not seen her bed-ridden daughter, Lisa, for over two years. We decided then to help Madam Lim fulfill her wish of seeing her daughter. We made arrangements for a van to transport Madam Lim to her house. When Lisa saw Madam Lim being wheeled in, she broke into a huge smile and called out “Mummy”. It was heartwarming to see mother and daughter joyfully reunited, and it made me so thankful for all the moments I had spent with my loved ones. Instances like this certainly made my volunteer stint at Brahm Centre all the more worthwhile.”


Age 19