mindfulness for kids

If neither parent / guardian has completed Brahm Centre’s Mindfulness Foundation Course, at least 1 parent / guardian will need to sign up for it simultaneously (option available on the same registration form).

Target audience:
• Children and their parents / guardians
• Both the child and parent / guardian are expected to attend all 4 sessions, with a recommended duration of at least 5 minutes of daily practice for the child

* The parents / guardians will attend the Mindfulness Foundation Course in a separate classroom.

Duration: 2 hours per session x 4 sessions

Mindfulness tools practised in the educational environment enable teachers to cultivate keen abilities in sensing and responding to the demands of the diverse stakeholders in schools, students and parents to co-teachers, administration and management staff. Mindfulness aids in enhancing the attentional control and emotional regulation of children, leading to teachers and students developing stronger relationships that produce better educational outcomes.

What will you learn?
• Parts of the brain that are impacted by mindfulness practice based on neuroscientific evidence
• Ways for children to steady themselves
• Ways to respond rather than react
• How thinking processes impact children’s emotions and body state
• How mindfulness can support children in all their activities and relationships

• Enhanced well-being
• Improved attention, inhibition and grades
• Reduced negative affect
• Improved meta-cognition

What is included?
• Scientific knowledge
• PowerPoint lessons with a variety of film clips
• Short mindfulness meditation practices
• Fun-filled activities and games to introduce mindfulness concepts
• Discussion and exploration of experiences
• Daily practice encouragement and support to aid integration of mindfulness tools into life beyond school

Sanjay Gupta MD: Teaching mindfulness in schools (credits to CNN)

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