mindfulness advanced course

Target audience:
Completion of our Mindfulness Foundation Course & Mindfulness Intermediate Course

• People who wish to deepen their mindfulness practice and are interested to help others benefit from mindfulness by becoming a mindfulness trainer

Duration: 3 days (residential)

This is an intensive and rigorous course.

You will engage in group reviews of the learning points from the 2 previous courses (Mindfulness Foundation Course and Mindfulness Intermediate Course). This will help you develop a deeper understanding and embodiment of the 6 foundational attitudes.

You will have the opportunity to conduct mindfulness teachings with one another and practise leading mindfulness practices.

• Acquiring proficiency in guiding mindfulness practices
• Understanding the pedagogy of the Mindfulness Foundation Course
• Earning a Certificate to Lead Mindfulness Sessions and Co-teach the Mindfulness Foundation Course

Upon further completion of 5 rounds of co-teaching and attendance of the MBSR program and a 5-day mindfulness retreat with Brahm Centre, you can apply to become a certified Mindfulness Foundation Course trainer.

What will you learn?
• Ample opportunities to deepen your mindfulness practice
• Experiential learning of the Mindfulness Foundation Course curriculum through peer teaching and feedback from instructors and peers
• Adopting the role of the teacher in leading mindfulness practices
• Practising the facilitation of inquiry and group dialogue

What is included?

• Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices (choice of sitting on a chair or cushion)
• Gentle stretching and mindful movements
• Group dialogue and discussions
• Peer teaching and guidance of mindfulness practices in small groups

Course fee:

• $480
($96 for eligible seniors under the National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy)
* NSA subsidy eligibility: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 50 years and above (in year of conducted course)

SkillsFuture Credit may be applied towards this course.

Accommodation and meals:
There is a separate charge that is not claimable from SkillsFuture.

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what our participants say

"Mindfulness teaches you to learn more about yourself for a better life!"
"I have better awareness of self-compassion and am able to extend it to others."
"Mindfulness helps me be more aware of myself, learn to love myself more and have gratitude towards my family and wife. I am more patient, calmer and much happier."

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