Belinda is a committed volunteer who has served with Brahm Centre for more than a year. She has always been an active member of the community who volunteered regularly at the community centre after her retirement. However, when the number of activities at the community centre decreased, Belinda started to look for other opportunities to serve the community.

It was then that she learnt of Brahm Centre.  She began attending the Happy potluck on Thursdays at the Simei branch. With her passion to help others, she decided to volunteer every Thursday. She comes in to set up the centre by arranging the tables and chairs before the Happy potluck starts. Thereafter, she assists with preparing and serving the food and she actively engages the attendees during the session.

She looks forward to the potluck sessions as it as an opportunity to connect with people of different background and race. It offers her a fresh perspective on life and motivates her to continue volunteering with Brahm Centre.

When asked if any particular volunteering moment stood out, she remarked, “No particular moment stands out, every moment of my volunteering journey has been memorable.” Her volunteering experience with Brahm Centre can be summed up in this simple quote “No joy can equal the joy of serving others.”