Ms Chen’s last corporate role was Managing Director, DP Information Group, part of the Experian® Group, the world’s largest credit reference agency. Experian is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE-100. In 18 years of heading DP Information Group, Singapore’s largest local company specialising in credit and business information, Ms Chen turned the companies around by redefining and re-engineering the methods, management and technology applications of DP Info Group and its large data library. She expanded the company from 30 employees in 1996 to more than 150 information and credit bureau specialists today.

Now retired from corporate life, Ms Chen is interested in spending the next 10 years in social enterprise development work and environment promotional efforts. She is currently Managing Director of Zeles Network Ltd, a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote and enhance Singapore’s volunteer movement through a Mobile Multi-Platform Volunteer Management System.

Appointed to the board as Chairperson on 27 June 2023