Befriending the Difficult Mindfulness Workshop for SOTA Students on 20th Oct 2016

A total of 62 students from the School of the Arts (SOTA) participated in a 2.5 hour Mindfulness workshop on ‘Befriending the Difficult’ on 20th Oct 2016. It was part of the skills for life series that aimed to impart life skills to the students. These Year 2 students learnt techniques of coping with stress and picked many useful tips to manage the stressors in their life. 

“This workshop has helped me learn about coping with stressful situations. It was great!.” - Chan Jia Qi

“I learnt how to cope with stress and anger better. It will definitely be helpful in the future, in particular, during the exam period.” – Claire Divhadi

“Dealing with stress is a very valuable skill in the mordern age and this workshop helps to teach effective coping methods.I learned ways to cope with my stress like 7/11 and .b. I also learned through the handouts ways to identify my stress and understand it better.” - Heather Lim

Graduation Ceremony for the 5th Dot B Mindfulness Course For Youth and Parents

A total of 14 parents and 14 youths participated actively over a period of 9 weeks from 9th Jul to 10th Sept 2016 to train their mind to focus on the present, develop effective strategies to manage the stressful situations and strengthen the neutral connections between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala. Participants were given the opportunity to practise the mindfulness techniques taught in the first ever half-day retreat held for graduates of the .b Mindfulness Course on the 10th Sept 2016. Many participants reflected that they have benefited from this meaningful journey of self-discovery and growth.

“My child is now a nicer and more polite boy. He is more conscious of working towards becoming a better person. For myself, I noticed that I am more patient and less hurried to get mundane things done. I am more aware of the beauty around me and I am much more appreciative of my children and husband. Mindfulness is necessary for us to fully live, enjoy and appreciate life.” – (Parent)


“My son has learnt to pause before he responds. As for myself, I noticed that I pause more often before reacting to a conflict.” – (Parent)


“You may not be able to control every outcome, but you can control your attitude and deal with it. The .b mindfulness course helps you to acquire the skill of managing emotions. My children have acquired an emotional tool, ‘.b’ that helps them to manage their emotions like stress, anger and sadness better. ” – (Parent)


“My child is now more conversant at home and he has made improvements in anger management and self-control. I have learnt to be more patient and I am now better able to manage my expectation.” – Douglas Chua (Parent)


“I was once angry, now I am still angry but I can manage. I noticed that my parents are less naggy.” – (Teenager)


“After attending the course, my parents are now less naggy, less angry and more patient and calm. They now rarely scold me for no reason. I noticed that I am less agitated, more patient, can control my emotions better.” –  (Teenager)


“My parents have become more patient, understanding and loving towards me during this course. I have learnt how to manage my emotions and problems better. I hardly show my temper these days.” – (Teenager)


“The .b mindfulness course had a very positive effect on me. Now I am more focused and less stressed out about everything. My parents are now more patient with me.” –  (Teenager)


Mindfulness Fun Camp for Children (Primary 4-6)

On the 5th Sept 2016, a group of 11 children (primary 4-6) came together for the Mindfulness Fun Camp held from 9am to 5pm. It was a day of self-discovery for the kids as they learnt more about themselves, understanding more about their thought patterns and the strengths within them. As the camp was designed to improve their focus and help them in stress management, participants were introduced to key mindfulness practices as ways of coping with stress. Through a series of engaging games and videos, the children gained a better awareness of their stress signature, thoughts and emotions, as well as, making new friends in the camp!

Graduation Ceremony of 4th Paws B Mindfulness Course For Children and Parents

A group of 19 young children aged 7 to 11 attended the fourth run of the Paws b Mindfulness Course from 9th Jul to 20 Aug 2016. Over the 6 sessions, they learnt different mindfulness practices to help them to be calm and happy. On average, they gave a score of 8.4 out of 10 when asked how much they enjoyed the course! Most agreed that they would keep using what they have learnt!

Paws B Mindfulness Course For Children and Parents

Student & Parents Mindfulness Retreat (11 – 18 years) – 10th Sept 2016

Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice supports improved attention and concentration, relieves perceived stress and strengthens overall mental well-being.

During this retreat, students and parents will be able to put many of the mindfulness techniques they have learnt into practice. There will be sessions to practise Mindful Listening as listening is a very important skill for the enhancement of trust and understanding in relationships.

Participants will have the opportunity to share some of their challenges faced in their mindfulness journey and review how to re-integrate their mindfulness practices.

Most of the sessions for the parents and students will be conducted in separate classrooms.

10.30am: Registration and Introduction
10.45am: Opening Mindfulness Practices
11.30am: Discussion on Sources of Stress
12.00pm: Mindful Listening
12:30pm: Mindful Eating
1.15pm:  Mindful Movement
1:30pm:  Mindful Listening
2.30pm: Sharing
3.10pm: Closing Mindfulness Practices
3.30pm: Close

Sign up for the retreat now! Click here to register.

Pre-requisite: Participants must have taken Brahm Centre’s Dot B Mindfulness Course.

Please Note:


Upcoming Event: Mindfulness Camp for P4-P6 Children – 5th Sept 2016

Exams are around the corner!

This camp is designed to help your child learn coping skills to manage his/her stress, focus on the present and do his/her best each day.

The camp will comprise of mindfulness, art and reflection activities.

If your child has special needs, please write in to to enquire if the camp is suitable for your child to participate before registering for the camp.

Sign up here! (Limited Places available).



Mindfulness Boot Camp for P4-P6 Children – 7th June 2016

A group of 16 children aged 10-12 participated in our Mindfulness Boot Camp this June holidays. Participants were taught a range of mindfulness practices to help them to focus and become more aware of their emotions. Through a series of full-filled games and hands-on activities, participants reflected that it was a fun and nice camp. On average, the participants gave 8 out of 10 points for the camp!

This is a nice camp. Join it now! - Pramita, Age 10

It is funny, come and learn! - Rachelle, Age 10

It has games! - Rania, Age 11

It’s fun! - Aidan, Age 10

It’s fun! - Yue Qi, Age 12

You should try it! - Uriel, Age 9

It is interesting and I will motivate them to take part in this camp! - Brahadeesh, Age 10

Fun camp! - Akinesh, Age 11

It is ok and fun! - Cherisse, Age 10

.b, Tummy and chest breathing and petal practice might make you calmer! - Wee Rui, Age 10

I learnt to become more aware after the camp. Go for it! - Ashley, Age 11

Participants from the camp

Graduation Ceremony of the 4th Dot B Mindfulness Course For Youth and Parents

In the 4th run of the .b Mindfulness Course, a total of 13 parents and 15 youths came together to learn mindfulness. Over a period of 9 weeks from 27th Mar to 29th May 2016, participants learnt how to train their attention and gained more awareness of their body sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions. More importantly, they were able to bring mindfulness into aspects of their daily lives, with a dose of calmness and happiness.

I have learnt to think before I respond, to let go and not ruminate, and I noticed that I am sleeping better after attending this course. I have also observed that my children have become more mindful, less short-tempered and less emotional. Thank you!

I noticed that I am able to take a step back before getting angry at my children. My children are now more aware of their own and our feelings. They are also more focused on their schoolwork.

I am now more calm and accepting.

I have become more patient and understanding.

I learnt to respond rather than to react and I noticed that my children are more receptive to our suggestions after the course.

I am more calm and less ruminating and my children are also more calm and mindful.

Dot B Mindfulness Course For Youth and Parents


Graduation Ceremony of 3rd Paws B Mindfulness Course For Children and Parents

A group of 8 young children aged 6 to 11 attended the third run of the Paws b Mindfulness Course from 26th Mar to 7 May 2016. Over the 6 sessions, they began to explore the different parts of the brain that helped them to learn, concentrate, and manage their emotions better. Through a variety of mindfulness exercises, they learnt to train their mind to be in the present moment and live happier lives. There were a total of 8 parents who participated in the course, alongside with their children.

Try it! Parents and kids learnt to pause and be. Slow down and enjoy the present moment!

A must-do for every parents! It has helped me to slow down and be clam. I noticed that my child is less rebellious and show more of his appreciation for people around him.

Highly recommended! My kids enjoyed and always look forward to the class. I hope they remember and use the techniques one day if need be.

Give it a shot, be open-minded! I learnt to be more calm, gain more control of my emotions and able to stay focus.

Paws B Mindfulness Course For Children and Parents