Youth Programs


Among the many challenges faced by youths today, academic stress, problematic boy-girl relationships, poor family interaction and bullying (or cyberbullying via social media platforms) can often result in a breakdown in the ability to cope. These challenges place youths at risk of depression and suicide, if they are not equipped with the necessary life skills to successfully negotiate the academic and social stressors during adolescence.

Youths need to be equipped with essential life skills such as mindfulness to deal with their everyday stressors, emotions and experiences. Mindfulness is being fully aware of the present moment, on purpose, and without judgement. Through paying attention to one’s moment-to-moment experience of thoughts, feeelings and bodily sensations, it allows people to recognize how the mind and the body respond in stressful situations. Brahm Centre, a charity promoting happy and healthy living, embarks on a proactive, positive and preventive intervention approach to equip youths with a toolkit to deal with stress, depression and lead happier and healthier lives.

Core offerings:

  1. Mindfulness For Children (7-11) and Parents
  2. Mindfulness For Youths (11-16) and Parents
  3. Youth Camps
  4. Workshops & Talks

The M1 Studio @ Brahm Centre is a step forward in helping at risk youths to reduce stress and, most importantly, improve their psychological well being.

For more information and if you are interested in bringing mindfulness to your school/organisation, please contact Eric Lim, mindfulness psychologist (

Testimonial from youth and parents