Befriending Program



What it is:

Brahm Centre started its Virtual Hospital (VH) Program in early 2013, with a goal to provide care through home visits to discharged patients who had been repeatedly admitted to hospitals. The VH Program has since evolved into what is the Befriending Program today, where we continue to offer support not only to discharged elderly stroke patients and those with mental health conditions, but also to their caregivers.

How it’s run:

After referrals are received from professional bodies - including hospitals and healthcare agencies - and case assessments are made, our team of physiotherapists, care coordinators, counsellors and psychologist work together with hospital clinicians to provide training and holistic support to our volunteer befrienders, who will then be matched with the elderly patients.

Working in pairs, volunteer befrienders commit 1-2 hours of their time each week to visiting patients and their caregivers in their homes. Our volunteers provide compassionate companionship and emotional support to their befriendees during home visits. To promote patients’ active and healthy living, volunteers also work to provide various assistance and encourage mobility.

Our results:

Number of patients/elderlies served: >200
Number of home visits made: 4485
Number of volunteer befrienders trained: >100

To volunteer:

Join our team of volunteer befrienders in this meaningful and rewarding program!
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Or simply enquire by emailing to info@brahmcentre to find out more!