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As we have many ongoing community outreach initiatives to help the less fortunate and needy, we also require your continued support! Volunteer with us for a fulfilling and emotionally rewarding experience! We will match your interests, passion and skills to the positions available. You can be a regular volunteer helping us run our programmes, provide hands on help at a one day event, or even aid us in coordinating these programmes. The possibilities are endless, and there is something for everyone!

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Brahm Centre Scholarship Application Form

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Article published on 14th Feb 2015, 联合早报 (联合早报网讯)照顾家中病患可能为看护者带来巨大的心理压力,仁慈医院因此与公益机构Brahm中心合作推出经心看护者计划,让看护者透过静观练习减轻心理负担。 在经心看护者(Mindful Caregiver)计划下,Brahm中心旗下的指导员每周会为看护者举行一次静观(Mindfulness)工作坊,透过讲座和练习让他们学习新的思维方式,对自己的的一举一动更有意识,由此帮助他们放慢脚步,减轻日常生活中的压力。...

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Caregivers taught to manage mental, emotional stress

Article published on 14th Feb 2015, The Straits Times Madam Malar Singh used to get stressed and frustrated while caring for her 87-year-old mother-in -law, who suffers from dementia, has problems walking and needed to be cared for round the clock. But she says things...

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