Mindfulness for Children (Primary 1 -5) and Parents




Have you ever thought of introducing mindfulness to your child at an early age? If you like your child to cultivate attention and learn to focus better, the Paws b mindfulness course is a good start to train your child’s mind.

Paws b is a primary school version of .b and it is adapted for primary school children (aged 7-11).

At the most basic level, Paws b aims simply to be an awareness raising exercise that provides children with a taste of mindfulness, so that they know about it, and can thus return to it later in life, learning more about it when this is useful to them.

It consists of 6 sessions and each session is carefully tailored to introduce mindfulness to the children in a fun and engaging way, with the blend of neuroscience and applications in daily lives.

To find out more about the Paws b curriculum, click here.

If your child has special needs, please email eric@brahmcentre.com for us to understand and assess if your child is suitable for the course, before making payment.




Who is it for?

The course is open to children from Primary 1 to 5 and their parents.

How much does it cost for 6 sessions?

1 Parent + 1 Child : $320
1 Parent + 2 Children/2 Parents + 1 Child : $420
2 Parents + 2 Chidren : $480

Who are teaching the course?

The course is conducted by experienced and certified mindfulness trainers.

Ms Angie Chew has been practising mindfulness since 2001. She is a certified mindfulness trainer for students and also conducts courses and retreats for adults. She founded Brahm Centre with the aim to promote happy and healthy living and she is currently the executive director of the centre. She is a certified .b and paws b teacher from the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Mr Eric Lim is a mindfulness psychologist at Brahm Centre and he spearheads the development of the youth programmes, aimed at promoting mental well-being and empowering youths with life skills such as mindfulness to be more connected with their inner and outer experiences. He has since conducted youth camps, workshops and the .b mindfulness courses to reach out to youths to build their mental resilience. He holds a B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.) degree in psychology from the National University of Singapore. He is a certified .b and paws b teacher from the Mindfulness in Schools Project.