A group of 16 children aged 10-12 participated in our Mindfulness Boot Camp this June holidays. Participants were taught a range of mindfulness practices to help them to focus and become more aware of their emotions. Through a series of full-filled games and hands-on activities, participants reflected that it was a fun and nice camp. On average, the participants gave 8 out of 10 points for the camp!

This is a nice camp. Join it now! - Pramita, Age 10

It is funny, come and learn! - Rachelle, Age 10

It has games! - Rania, Age 11

It’s fun! - Aidan, Age 10

It’s fun! - Yue Qi, Age 12

You should try it! - Uriel, Age 9

It is interesting and I will motivate them to take part in this camp! - Brahadeesh, Age 10

Fun camp! - Akinesh, Age 11

It is ok and fun! - Cherisse, Age 10

.b, Tummy and chest breathing and petal practice might make you calmer! - Wee Rui, Age 10

I learnt to become more aware after the camp. Go for it! - Ashley, Age 11

Participants from the camp