mind-body healing mindfulness course

In this 3-day residential mindfulness secular retreat, participants will deepen the awareness of the link between the body and the mind. The retreat will focus on applying mindfulness and wisdom to heal both the Mind (thoughts and emotions) and the Body (Aches, pain and lethargy). The retreat facilitates an examination and reflection on the patterns of our own mind, emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions. This awareness enables us to gently interrupt patterns of self-criticism, unhelpful thoughts and actions.

Duration: 3 Days (Overseas Residential)


Course benefits
  • Deeper levels of self-acceptance
  • Enhanced well-being
  • Enhanced self-compassion
Course content

Participants will learn how to accept and embrace the full range of emotions and experiences that life brings, may it be joyful, pleasurable, unpleasant or even painful – like worry, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, sadness and even despair.

Tuning in to these emotions and associated physical sensations with care and compassion, instead of holding on to or outright rejecting them, can bring about some surprising and healing outcomes.

This retreat includes:

  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices (choice of sitting on a chair or cushion)
  • Gentle stretching and mindful movements
  • Sessions of contemplation and teachings
  • Group dialogue and discussions
Who Is This Course For?
  • This retreat is suitable for individuals who wish to deepen their mindfulness practice with greater understanding of the body and mind
  • Prior experience with mindfulness meditation is recommended but not required
Course Fee

Retreat Package

  • Please call our centres for next retreat dates and latest pricing. 
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