In the 4th run of the .b Mindfulness Course, a total of 13 parents and 15 youths came together to learn mindfulness. Over a period of 9 weeks from 27th Mar to 29th May 2016, participants learnt how to train their attention and gained more awareness of their body sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions. More importantly, they were able to bring mindfulness into aspects of their daily lives, with a dose of calmness and happiness.

I have learnt to think before I respond, to let go and not ruminate, and I noticed that I am sleeping better after attending this course. I have also observed that my children have become more mindful, less short-tempered and less emotional. Thank you!

I noticed that I am able to take a step back before getting angry at my children. My children are now more aware of their own and our feelings. They are also more focused on their schoolwork.

I am now more calm and accepting.

I have become more patient and understanding.

I learnt to respond rather than to react and I noticed that my children are more receptive to our suggestions after the course.

I am more calm and less ruminating and my children are also more calm and mindful.

Dot B Mindfulness Course For Youth and Parents