A group of 8 young children aged 6 to 11 attended the third run of the Paws b Mindfulness Course from 26th Mar to 7 May 2016. Over the 6 sessions, they began to explore the different parts of the brain that helped them to learn, concentrate, and manage their emotions better. Through a variety of mindfulness exercises, they learnt to train their mind to be in the present moment and live happier lives. There were a total of 8 parents who participated in the course, alongside with their children.

Try it! Parents and kids learnt to pause and be. Slow down and enjoy the present moment!

A must-do for every parents! It has helped me to slow down and be clam. I noticed that my child is less rebellious and show more of his appreciation for people around him.

Highly recommended! My kids enjoyed and always look forward to the class. I hope they remember and use the techniques one day if need be.

Give it a shot, be open-minded! I learnt to be more calm, gain more control of my emotions and able to stay focus.

Paws B Mindfulness Course For Children and Parents