A total of 14 parents and 14 youths participated actively over a period of 9 weeks from 9th Jul to 10th Sept 2016 to train their mind to focus on the present, develop effective strategies to manage the stressful situations and strengthen the neutral connections between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala. Participants were given the opportunity to practise the mindfulness techniques taught in the first ever half-day retreat held for graduates of the .b Mindfulness Course on the 10th Sept 2016. Many participants reflected that they have benefited from this meaningful journey of self-discovery and growth.

“My child is now a nicer and more polite boy. He is more conscious of working towards becoming a better person. For myself, I noticed that I am more patient and less hurried to get mundane things done. I am more aware of the beauty around me and I am much more appreciative of my children and husband. Mindfulness is necessary for us to fully live, enjoy and appreciate life.” – (Parent)


“My son has learnt to pause before he responds. As for myself, I noticed that I pause more often before reacting to a conflict.” – (Parent)


“You may not be able to control every outcome, but you can control your attitude and deal with it. The .b mindfulness course helps you to acquire the skill of managing emotions. My children have acquired an emotional tool, ‘.b’ that helps them to manage their emotions like stress, anger and sadness better. ” – (Parent)


“My child is now more conversant at home and he has made improvements in anger management and self-control. I have learnt to be more patient and I am now better able to manage my expectation.” – Douglas Chua (Parent)


“I was once angry, now I am still angry but I can manage. I noticed that my parents are less naggy.” – (Teenager)


“After attending the course, my parents are now less naggy, less angry and more patient and calm. They now rarely scold me for no reason. I noticed that I am less agitated, more patient, can control my emotions better.” –  (Teenager)


“My parents have become more patient, understanding and loving towards me during this course. I have learnt how to manage my emotions and problems better. I hardly show my temper these days.” – (Teenager)


“The .b mindfulness course had a very positive effect on me. Now I am more focused and less stressed out about everything. My parents are now more patient with me.” –  (Teenager)