A total of 62 students from the School of the Arts (SOTA) participated in a 2.5 hour Mindfulness workshop on ‘Befriending the Difficult’ on 20th Oct 2016. It was part of the skills for life series that aimed to impart life skills to the students. These Year 2 students learnt techniques of coping with stress and picked many useful tips to manage the stressors in their life. 

“This workshop has helped me learn about coping with stressful situations. It was great!.” - Chan Jia Qi

“I learnt how to cope with stress and anger better. It will definitely be helpful in the future, in particular, during the exam period.” – Claire Divhadi

“Dealing with stress is a very valuable skill in the mordern age and this workshop helps to teach effective coping methods.I learned ways to cope with my stress like 7/11 and .b. I also learned through the handouts ways to identify my stress and understand it better.” - Heather Lim