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activity clubs/courses

Enjoy singing, meet friends, practice mindfulness and keep active with our activity clubs/courses at our Novena Centre (3rd floor of Ren Ci Hospital) or Simei Centre (near Simei MRT). There’s an activity for everyone!


Art Course

Sign up to join our art courses at either our Novena Centre or Simei Centre and learn to express yourself through art!
(Eligible seniors 50 years and above enjoy a National Silver Academy subsidy in 2018)

Check for available signup dates here! 


1 of 3 Simple origami folding learned at Brahm centre.
2 of 3 One of our art & craft sessions
3 of 3 Beautiful drawing done by one of our participants.

Mahjong Club

Keep your mind sharp and active by playing mahjong with other friends at our Novena and Simei centres. Researchers have shown evidence that mahjong, which is considered to be cognitively demanding, can have long-term benefits for the mind. Don’t know yet how to play? Don’t worry, there will be someone to teach you when you come!

Check for available signup dates here!


1 of 2 Mahjong Session
2 of 2 It is said that mahjong is a great game for keeping the mind sharp. It is highly recommended among the elderly as a means of keeping their brains in good health

Novena: Mindfulness Club

Wednesdays, 10:30am-12pm 

If you have completed any one of our Mindfulness Courses and would like to continue practising what you’ve learned with like-minded people, come join our Mindfulness Club on Wednesday mornings at our Novena centre for a weekly guided practice session.

Please email to register for free.


1 of 2 Simple breathing meditation at Brahm centre.
2 of 2 Another session of our mindfulness practice

Novena: Music & Social Club

Thursdays, 10am-12pm, followed by potluck lunch

The Music & Social Club was launched in March 2016 as an interest group for people who love music and who love to sing. Everyone is welcome to join on Thursdays from 10am-12pm. Singing and games are usually followed by a joyful potluck lunch, where everyone is invited to share a homemade dish, or something from their favourite food stall or bakery! And before we forget, Music & Social Club members also enjoy going on fun outings to museums, sights and other places of interest together too!

Please email to register for free.


1 of 5 Music Session
2 of 5 Sing-a-long session
3 of 5 Our music teacher guides the participants along the way.
4 of 5 Playing music for the class.
5 of 5 Potluck lunch after lesson, where everyone is invited to share a homemade dish, or something from their favourite food stall or bakery!

Simei: Potluck Club

Thursdays, 10:30am-1pm

Join our Potluck Club at our Simei Centre and meet new friends. There will be an excursion each month on a Thursday too!

Please email or call 6786-0800 to register for free.



what our participants say

"I can now focus and concentrate on things better."
"I learnt hot to control my emotions better and feel much calmer and relaxed."

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Simei Centre: 6786 0800