about us

Our Mission:

To promote happier and healthier living


Our Vision:

Empowering Every Individual To Create Her/His Own Happiness!



Brahm Centre is a registered charity launched in 2012 to promote healthier and happier living – focusing on proactive actions to empower individuals to help themselves in staying healthy and mentally well. We are a full member of the National Council of Social Services, and also an Institution of Public Character.

As a foundation to happier and healthier living, we offer many scientifically-based mindfulness programs not only to adults but also to youths. Our clients include schools, healthcare agencies and corporations.

Weekly informational and educational health talks conducted by healthcare professionals and qualified speakers are offered for free to the public. Health seminars for large audience are also organised throughout the year. There are social activity clubs, mindful walks and therapeutic yoga for those who’d like to stay healthy and active. We also provide counselling and psychotherapy services, pro-bono legal advisory services, and befriending & support services to patients and caregivers in the community.

Brahm Centre is governed by a board of directors comprising 15 medical and business professionals, and we are proud to have Prof Choo Chiau Beng as our Patron.

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