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Simei: Pencil-Sketching Art Course
Sept 3-Nov 19 (Mon)

Discover your creative side and learn this foundational skill of pencil-sketching.

Only $48 for seniors* 
(12 sessions)

Novena: Dance Therapy
Sept 7-Oct 26 (Fri)

Learn to express yourself and calm your mind through dance. Dance therapy is a unique fusion of music, meditation and dance. 

Only $64 (8 sessions)

Simei: Therapeutic Yoga 
Sept 5-Oct 24 (Wed Evening)

Wind down and relax at the end of the day with therapeutic yoga – suitable for complete beginners.

$56 (8 sessions)

Street Photography Course (for Smartphone)
Sept 15, 22, 29 (Sat)

Learn the principles of photography theory, and get a chance to put it to practice as you walk through Arab Street and its vicinity with award-winning photographer Leonard Se

Special Introductory Offer: $30 (normal rate $90) 

Student Mindfulness Camp (age 11-15)
Sept 6 & 7 (Thu, Fri)

Sign your children up for this camp so they can learn how to better regulate their emotions, and understand the science of how their brain works. 

$50-$90 (on a sliding scale based on family income)

3-Day Mindfulness Course: Mind-Body Healing
Nov 4-6 (Sun-Tue)

In this 3-day residential intensive course, you will learn mindfulness concepts and techniques to develop self-compassion and deepen your awareness of the mind-body connection. 

Early Bird Discount: $100 (register by Aug 15) 

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Mindful meditation may have health benefits

May 21, 2018, the newpaper

Still young, and already a caregiver

May 6, 2018, The Straits Times

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“The is a great course which can transform the way you see the world”

Mindfulness for Health

“This is a ‘must attend’ course for all; it will help you build more meaningful relationships”

Mindfulness Foundation Course

“I can now focus and concentrate on things better”

Mindfulness for Teens

“This course has brought clarity to the challenges on our parenting journey; it has helped us re-focus on what is truly important to us as parents”

Mindful Parenting Course

“I have applied mindfulness in various aspects of my life at work and at home. I am now calmer and more at peace with myself.”

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

“I have learnt how to live in the present moment. This has given me more pleasure to enjoy my work and that also makes my life more meaningful to live for.”

Mindfulness for Enhanced Performance

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