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February 2016

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“Brahm Centre Expands The Centre To Benefit More”

Article published on 17th Dec 2015, 联合早报

Brahm Centre, a registered charity that promotes Mindfulness Practice to reduce stress, depression and anxiety can now serve more people after it expands its centre space for more activities.

Founded in 2012, Brahm Centre originally resided at the corner of Level 2 in Ren Ci Hospital at Irrawaddy Road. Now, one only needs to walk a few more steps up one level to a larger new centre on the 3rd level. Besides the Mindfulness rooms for adults, the centre also set up a colourful vibrant decorated room for the youths to learn and practise mindfulness.

Former President Nathan graced the new centre opening ceremony the day before yesterday. Mr. Nathan was also invited by Brahm Centre to launch the book ‘The Day the Ball Didn’t Bounce’, to increase the awareness of youth suicide in April last year.

In the opening speech, Mr. Nathan said “In the midst of noises around and it is not easy to find peacefulness in Singapore. Brahm Centre’s proactive programs help people to stay healthy, and equip them with the skill to be happier.’ Mindfulness is a practice to focus in particular way on purpose in the present moment non-judgementally. The objective is to learn to appreciate every aspect of life. It is an old physio-psycho science; it is also a kind of lifestyle.

Launching Of The Chinese Mindfulness Course Next Month

There are 8 fulltime staff for Brahm Centre, providing Mindfulness Courses and workshops for grassroots organizations, hospitals, multinational companies, schools and to the public. To-date, more than 1,000 adults, students and children have attended these programs. The centre will be launching the Mindfulness course in Chinese from 9th January 2016.

During the interview, the Founder/Executive director, Angie Chew emphasised that Brahm Centre is a non-religious organization and its programs are secular in nature.